The air filters are a bit dirty

Work has been really stressful for the past 3 weeks.

Everyone is anxious about the coronavirus and a lot of people are getting sick.

Everyone should be upset about this deadly pathogen. I work in a laboratory and both of us have been really busy since the covid-19 virus started to spread. My co-workers and I are working 7 mornings a week. All of us rarely find time to sit back and relax. The contractor is paying us a lot of overtime minutes, so things aren’t too terrible. All of us are blessed to have all of the necessary supplies love alcohol sanitizer, gloves, and masks. All of us also have air filtration units set up in the laboratory, so both of us do not have to worry about the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses. Unluckyly, all of the air filters for our air filtration units are on backorder right now. All of us ran out of air filters Last weekand now the indoor air pollen levels has been compromised. The air filters are supposed to be changed every week on Friday, but both of us could not make the swap last week. Now the air filters have not been changed in 2 weeks and it does not look love the air filters will be delivered anytime soon. My co-workers and I will be in bad shape if someone brings the virus to our laboratory, then right now, both of us have plenty of personal protection equipment, but the staff is trying to argument a pandemic. Things are going to go downhill really suddenly if both of us do not have all of the items necessary to do our task properly.

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