Baby’s First Trip to Home Depot

My baby’s first trip to Home Depot came at a very young age.

In fact, it came before she was even born! When I was expecting my little one to come along, my body became a furnace that was determined to suffocate me with heat.

Because of the hormones and whatever else, I felt an overwhelming need for additional air conditioning. We had central heating and cooling in the house, and every room had a ceiling fan, but it still was never enough. My daughter was born in June, and I simply don’t know how I would have survived if I had needed to go through August! Anyway, my husband was always complaining about my incessant use of the a/c. Admittedly, I did set the thermostat low enough to hang meat safely. In fact, if the a/c ever shut off, which was rare, I would then head straight to the thermostat and set it even lower. Honestly, it was a bit out of hand, but there is no sense in trying to reason with a pregnant woman. If she wants a/c, she wants a/c and that is all there is to it. That did not stop my husband, however. The HVAC became a bone of contention in my household, especially when I wanted to go to Home Depot and buy a window a/c unit for every window in the house. I look back on it now and laugh. Anyway, I was really quite large, and I had no idea how I was going to actually install an a/c unit in every window, but I got myself in the truck and drove thirty minutes to the closest store. I was aggravated, I will admit, so when I got to the store and found a welcoming and calm sales clerk, it was a very good thing. The employee convinced me that getting that many air conditioners was not a good idea, and then he helped me choose one uit that would serve my needs.


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Nursery Needs More Cooling

I didn’t give a second thought to who was going to get it out of the car and installed in the window! Of course, it would be a job for my husband, but he was not at all handy, plus he was working

When I was pregnant, I lived in a house with pretty bad insulation, and I live in the southeast. Let me tell you, that was not fun at all. There were only two bedrooms in the house, and one of them was going to go from guest room to nursery. Decorating the nursery was a lot of fun, even though the options in those days were much more limited than they are nowadays. The thing that most interested me at the time was getting some better cooling. I was always miserably hot; I kept the air conditioner blasting day and night. I turned the thermostat down as low as my husband would let me. The ceiling fans in every room were getting a workout. When it began getting super hot, I started wanting to enjoy the effects of a window air conditioner. Portable air conditioners like we have available today were not available in those days. So, one day, in a fit of frustration, I hauled myself into the home improvement store and picked out a window a/c unit. I was quite pregnant, so obviously I couldn’t lift the thing. One of the workers gifted the a/c off the shelf and put it in my cart, and the store manager got the same guy to put the a/c in my car. I didn’t give a second thought to who was going to get it out of the car and installed in the window! Of course, it would be a job for my husband, but he was not at all handy, plus he was working. Anyway, I got home, and I paid someone a hundred dollars to install the a/c into the nursery room window. The whole rest of my pregnancy, I could be found rocking in the rocker in front of that air conditioner.



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Hospital Room During and After Childbirth

Have you ever been in the hospital room of a woman who is in labor? It can be quite the experience, let me tell you.

  • You simply never know what you are going to find when you get there.

Most hospitals nowadays try to pretend that childbirth day is just another normal day. For example, they set up the room to look like a bedroom or hotel room rather than a typical hospital room. It’s all pretty and sweet and homey. But, no matter what they pretend, it is not just another normal day. When you arrive, you may hear screaming and possibly cursing! The place may be completely empty or it may be full of any number of relatives and friends. Even though there are nice quilts and furnishings, there is still all that hospital equipment beeping away. BUt more than anything, you will undoubtedly discover a freezing cold room when you arrive. The mom-to-be is going to have that a/c blasting and that thermostat set as low as it can go. You really need to remember a sweater. Moms’ hormones have been all out of whack for nine months, and this day is even worse. They need that air conditioning more than they need food or air to breathe. Even if everyone else is wrapped up in blankets or wearing gloves and sweaters, it won’t matter to the woman. She is going to be attempting to get the a/c set even lower if possible. When it is apparent that the a/c thermostat can’t go any lower, she might just demand the staff bring her in a couple of fans. Any husband is sure to be flabbergasted because all his life with her, she has always been complaining that he sets the thermostat too low, and now all of a sudden it’s the opposite!



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Pregnancy Demands More Air Conditioning

Pregnant women need extra air conditioning! I asked him to put it in the bedroom window, and he did

There are times in life when your needs for heating and cooling change. ONe of the most demanding times of life is during pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant, there wasn’t enough air conditioning in the whole world to suit me. At the time, I lived in a little rural county, and in a house that wasn’t constructed all that well. It had minimal insulation, and even the walls weren’t thick enough, in my opinion. Anyway, we had central heating and cooling, of course, but during the summer months, the cooling could never keep up with the demand. We live in a southern state, and it gets miserably hot here in the summers. During regular years, the a/c was never sufficient for my needs, and that summer when I was pregnant, oh my goodness, I was cursing the inefficiency of that a/c unit! In fact, along about April, I decided I just couldn’t take it anymore. I went out to the home improvement store and got myself a window a/c unit. Pregnancy demands more air conditioning, that’s all there is to it. Anyway, I got the little a/c unit and asked my husband to install it. He was a little annoyed, to be honest, as he just didn’t get it. Pregnant women need extra air conditioning! I asked him to put it in the bedroom window, and he did. It helped the central cooling not have to work quite as hard and made it possible for me to sleep despite the furnace that was growing in my belly.

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Can’t i get a break?

When things go wrong, they can really go wrong! Last week it seemed as if I could not catch a break.

  • Every single place I turned something was going wrong or breaking on me.

First, my car broke down and I had to have the engine replaced. Then my washing machine broke in my house. And to top it all off for the week my central heating and air conditioning system broke down. And that was a motor issue. So i needed to have the motor replaced in my central heating and air conditioning system. I must have spent almost a grand or a little more last week alone in all the different kinds of repairs I had to get done. But the central heating and air conditioning system motor replacement was the most expensive out of it all. The motor of a central heating and air conditioning system is not cheap by any means. However I had absolutely no choice in the matter than to get the central heating and air conditioning system’s motor replaced. The weather had been pretty extreme so I could not be without central heating. It was almost below 0 outside. I would have froze to death had I not got the central heating and air conditioning system fixed up and fully working again. I really hope I do not have another week like this any time in the near future or I will totally flip out! It was really like the powers that be last week were testing me and just not giving me break no matter what I did. So i really hope that is all behind me.


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The country dance

In our town every single summer we have a country music themed dance.

It is a real fun time for all with line dancing and everyone dressing up in their most country looking outfits.

It’s really awesome. This last summer when we had the country music themed dance there was an unfortunate event that caused the dance to be cut short. It was over one hundred degrees outside on the day the dance was scheduled, and about 2 hours into the dance, the central heating and air conditioning system broke down. The air conditioning was very much needed this day because of how hot it was. So when the central heating and air conditioning system broke down and there was no central air conditioning in the building where the dance was happening, they had to close down and send everyone home. Getting a heating and air conditioning specialist out to fix the central heating and air conditioning system was not going to happen that day because first, you were dealing with a commercial heating and air conditioning system, and second off it was a weekend. No heating and cooling workmen were available on the weekend other than residential emergency HVAC service. So our fun little seasonal country dance only lasted a few hours this year. What a bummer that was. We hope that next year it does not happen like this. We all feel as if we missed something not having a real country music dance this past summer! It was very sad indeed.

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I hate fish

My wife always likes to cook some sort of fish for dinner once a week.

I do not like fish at all and never have since I was a kid.

So on these nights, I always have something special made for me. However, since I can not even stand the smell of fish I make sure that I have a portable air purification system in the kitchen, and a portable air purification system in the living room running on the day of the week that she cooks fish. I went out and bought both portable air purification systems because of this specifically. The air purifier actually gets rid of the fish smell in the house within a half an hour of my wife being done cooking whatever fish she chooses for that week. I can tolerate a half an hour of that smell barely. But anymore than that and I would be feeling sick to my stomach. I do not want to deny the other people in my family from enjoying a fish dinner, so this is why I have the portable air purification systems in the house! It makes it all work out ok. Though I will say that I do not eat at the same time everyone else does on these days. I eat my dinner in front of the TV on the couch a half an hour after the fish is done cooking so it gives ample amount of time for the air quality to clear of that awful smell. I would not even be able to eat with that fish smell all around me.


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It just took a small kick

Sometimes when you try and fix things, the simple solution is the only one.

And it turns out that something that could have taken you not more than a few seconds could be the answer after hours and hours of wasting time.

This was the case with my central heating and air conditioning system. My HVAC unit had been on the verge of breaking down and making all kinds of noises until finally it just gave out. I did not want to call the local heating and air conditioning company to send out one of their certified heating and air conditioning specialists before I tried to fix it myself! I did not want that heating and air conditioning repair bill on my plate. I do know a few things about heating and air conditioning repair so I decided to mess around. After spending about 3 hours troubleshooting everything that I know about the repair of a central heating and air conditioning system unit, I got mad and kicked the HVAC unit! And you wouldn’t believe what happened next. The central heating and air conditioning system was fully working again! That’s right, just a small swift kick to the central heating and air conditioning system unit made the difference and made it start working. After this happened I double checked everything and it was working as good as new! I could not believe it! I really just could not believe my eyes! I didn’t want to know how or why, I was just happy that I did not have to call the local heating and air conditioning company!



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Always change your air filters on time and get regular HVAC system maintenance

I felt really stupid after so many years of not changing my air filters on time.

  • I always thought that I could get more out of my air filters by letting them stay in my HVAC unit for a little bit longer.

I felt like an additional month of use out of those air filters wouldn’t hurt anything. It turns out that I was wrong about that. All of those additional months without changing the air filter actually caused a lot of stress on my HVAC unit over the years. When my HVAC system died early, my HVAC technician was asking me questions about my HVAC system maintenance. When I admitted the thing about the late air filter changes, he understood why my HVAC system died before its time. When you have clogged up air filters in your HVAC unit, it causes the system to stress a great deal and all that stress causes damage to all the moving parts. An HVAC system is not designed to run with dirty air filters and this is why it’s so pressing to change those air filters on time. When you really think about it, it makes sense, but it’s something that I apparently didn’t think about enough. I could have gotten a few more years out of my HVAC system if I would have kept up with my regular air filter changes and HVAC system maintenance, but I was being foolish and thinking that I could save a little bit of money. I hope you are able to learn from my mistake, and make sure to always change your air filters on time and get your regular HVAC system maintenance.


I have thought about becoming HVAC certified in my old age

I’ve reached an age where I feel like I’m too old to really learn new things.

  • Sometimes I think that maybe I should just go back to college to learn something useful like how to work on climate control systems.

I would save so much money if I knew how to work on my own HVAC system, but that’s never something I thought about when I was young. I just wanted to work a regular job where I made a reasonable amount of money, and then I wanted to retire when I was done. It sounds like such a boring life, and I can’t lie, it has been kind of boring through most of my years. I do wonder though if I could actually go to school and maybe even become HVAC certified. I probably wouldn’t do a ton of work for people, but I know I would at least keep my own HVAC system in good shape and save a good amount of money. Of course, if people sought out my help, I would love to be able to help them for a reasonable amount of money. I wouldn’t charge as much as the official HVAC companies, and then maybe I could have my own little business going so that I could continue to make ends meet while going into retirement. I just feel that honestly I won’t have a lot of money to work with when I am retired and I am always thinking about other ways to make money. It would be nice if I could win the lottery or something, but I have to be realistic.

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