My friends and I took a group physical fitness training class.

He had me lifting weights and so tired that I didn’t even want to go out with my friends by the time we were done

For college graduation, my friends and I were giving ourselves a graduation present. We planned a two-week cruise around the Bahamas. After being students for four years, we hadn’t had a lot of time to work out or get a tan. We had spent most of our team either in class or working so we could afford class. We wanted to have the perfect bikini body before we got onto that cruise ship. We went to one of the local gyms and got into a physical fitness training class. We hoped that one of the fitness trainers would be able to help us get rid of our baby fat so we could look amazing in our new swimwear. If it was up to me, I wasn’t planning on wearing much more than sexy evening wear and swimsuits, for the full two weeks. We had been split up into two classes and each one had a different physical fitness trainer. The physical fitness training class that I was in, was much more competitive than the class my other friends were in. I felt as if my fitness trainer was trying to break me instead of make me into the beauty I was hoping I could be. He had me lifting weights and so tired that I didn’t even want to go out with my friends by the time we were done. We had planned on going out for drinks after each session, but I was just too tired. After three weeks, I was seeing a lot more progress than my friends, but I hadn’t lost any weight. The physical fitness training class helped me to tone my muscles and even though I hadn’t lost weight, I was down an entire size.


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He said he was a Personal Fitness Trainer

I rolled my eyes, but I laughed

I had been going to our local gym for almost a year, when I was approached by this man who told me he was a personal fitness trainer. He offered to give me some pointers on ways to move that would help pinpoint the few trouble spots I had. I worked with the personal fitness trainer for almost three weeks when my friend asked me to introduce her to my friend. I told her he wasn’t my friend, but he was the gym’s personal fitness trainer. She laughed and told me to believe what I wanted, but he wasn’t a trainer. I looked over at him and he looked like a fitness trainer, but she was right. He didn’t act like a personal fitness trainer. I couldn’t remember seeing him in the gym until three weeks earlier when he had approached me. I walked over and asked the man my personal fitness trainer was talking to, “Who is he?”. He called him by name and told me they were friends. They had recently joined the gym. I approached the ‘personal fitness trainer’ and asked what kind of game he was playing? He had the decency to appear guilty of his crime. He told me he had seen me when he walked into the gym and he had to meet me. He thought I was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. I rolled my eyes, but I laughed. I told him he could have just asked my name and talked to me. If it was any consultation, he said he really was a personal trainer.

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My illness had me going to a nutritional counsellor.

I recently found out that I had a rare genetic disorder.

I didn’t even know we had this in our family, and it scared me a little.

I knew I had come from a family of obese persons. I just thought it was the way we were built. You can’t imagine how I felt when I was told it really was something that ‘ran’ in our family. It was a genetic disorder that caused every carb we consumed to turn into fat. I had heard about the KETO diet, but even that didn’t work for me. The doctor suggested that I go to a nutritional counsellor or was also a physician. He wanted me to get my diet under control and find out what foods I could eat still be healthy. I found out it wasn’t just carbs, but certain proteins also caused my system to behavior differently. Plant-based proteins weren’t being digested properly and I had to go with lean meat proteins. Whereas some people needed fish oils, the nutritional counsellor told me that my body couldn’t digest the complex protein that came from fish. I was really glad when the nutritionist told me that I would be okay with lean steak and chicken, but I had to let the fish go until we could find the proper proteins and carb balance for my body. The good thing was that I no longer needed to count calories. My body ate up the calories faster than most. I’m hoping that once my nutritional counsellor helps me to find the proper combination of carbs and proteins, I’ll finally be able to wear a dress for more than cover up.


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Wellness and Fitness are Worthy Goals

I have been overweight my entire life, although when I look back on my high schools days, and even when I got married, at least I wasn’t morbidly obese.

  • Over the years, I can count the number of times that I have lost a significant amount of weight.

My first year of teaching, I lost forty pounds. When I was in the process of getting a divorce, I lost forty pounds again. Years later, I was engaged to be married, and the true love of my life went missing in a horrible storm with flooding, eventually to be declared dead by the courts. Now that he’s been gone for a decade, I am once again fat. My goals have never been for wellness and fitness. Now, though, I am counting non-scale victories. Can I walk a little farther because of my workout plans and workout classes? Victory. Has my nutritional counseling helped me choose a salad over fast food? Victory. Do I actually use the gym membership I got with a membership discount offered through our corporate wellness programs? Victory. Is my personal trainer helping me stay on track, and does my personal fitness training take precedence in my life? Big victory. I have come to the decision that, yes, I need to lose weight, but wellness and fitness are also worthy goals. Do morbidly obese people enjoy wellness and fitness? No, but I am no longer waiting for my weight to be acceptable to begin my workout classes or go to the yoga studio or hire a personal trainer. I am doing those things now, with the goal in mind that I will not only lose weight, but I will also use my workout program and nutritional program to help me be a better me. I am on my way!



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Student Health Center is too Intimidating for Me

In our city, we have two universities and a pretty big community college.

All three places have at least one gym.

In fact, the biggest school has a number of gyms, and there are workout classes of every description available. You can take yoga classes. You can take workout classes set to music. You can go to the student health center and swim laps in the pool. There is a sauna. There are personal trainers who will go there with you and help keep you motivated and accountable. You can find nutritional counseling professionals who can help you develop good eating plans, and the personal training people and your nutritionist can work in tandem. There are giant rooms with weight lifting machines, or you can use exercise bikes and do your weight lifting using free weights. Here is my problem: I am three decades older than these students! I am too embarrassed to take a yoga class with all those cutesy girls and their perfect bodies. I need a gym where everyone is old and fat like me. I once belonged to a local gym that was for women only, and it was very tiny. The first morning, I saw a woman in curlers getting in her weight lifting on the universal machine. The people in the health and wellness exercise classes were in baggy sweats, not skin tight lycra. That was my kind of place, but, sadly for me, it closed about six months after I joined. They just didn’t have enough membership money coming in. One thing is for sure, the student health center is too intimidating for me.


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Yoga Classes Now Available in Your Home

Our little city has an abundance of yoga studios.

Until recently, if you wanted to take a yoga class that was close to home, you would have no problem doing so.

The local gyms have yoga classes along with workout classes. There are people all over the city who are the hippy type and get into all those yoga poses. But, even so, nowadays, it is now a bit harder to locate a yoga studio that is still open. You see, it costs them too much to continue paying all their bills and keeping the yoga studio open when they have to ensure social distancing. They just can’t make enough money that way. I was feeling sorry for all those yoga instructors, as well as yoga enthusiasts. Then, I found one who is smarter than the rest. She has now begun offering yoga classes in your home. As a result, you are pretty much getting private personal training – and she will even let you invite up to three friends to attend the yoga session with you in your own home. That means, you can share the cost with friends and you can all have semi-private personal training – yoga style! In my opinion, this woman deserves her pay. The other yoga professionals just hung up the towel and went homes, leaving their students to do without. But this particular woman made an effort and called all her yoga students and told them what she was doing. If your house is large enough to accommodate four people, each 5 feet apart, great! If you only have a small room big enough for you and the yoga teacher, great! Yoga classes coming to you. Now that is a wonderful idea.

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Yoga Studio Closes Due to Pandemic

About a ten minute drive from my house, there is this adorable little complex with several little shops and such.

There is a pretty large restaurant, which I guess is the hub for the building.

Then, there is a jewelry store, an art shop, and a couple of other little places. Also in there is a yoga studio. I never had much interest in going to this little plaza, but I have always thought it is so charming. When the yoga studio opened in there, I decided I was going to try yoga classes. I walked into the yoga studio, and I was so thrilled with the way it looked. There was a sparkling clean floor that just looked like you wanted to lie on it – which is a good thing for yoga classes! There were mirrors to help you see your yoga poses. There was a little corner area that had little goodies of interest. There were coupons for half off gym memberships at the local gym, business cards of personal trainers offering personal training services, nutritional counseling opportunities, and more. There was also a simple blender and the owner’s daughter would make you a smoothie if you wanted. I was so thrilled with my new yoga classes! Well, guess what? Along came the virus and now my little yoga studio has closed its doors for good. It makes me so sad. The other ladies who took yoga classes with me have decided we should all meet in the park for yoga al fresco. I’m a little embarrassed, but I’m going to do it!


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Health Plan Covers Cost of Gym Membership

My job covers the cost of my health insurance, and I am truly grateful for that.

The job I had previously covered the majority of my health insurance, which was fine, except that the stupid health plan was so awful that I was never able to get them to cover anything. In the four years that I worked there, that health plan only covered two mammograms. Everything else, I had to pay for. Because of that, I was afraid to ever go to the doctor for anything because I knew I couldn’t afford it. Did I forget to mention that my salary was inadequate? If I were married and had a husband who made a decent living, the salary would have been fine, but I have been divorced for seventeen years, so I highly doubt I will ever be married again. Anyway, I now have great health insurance. Not only is just about everything I do covered, but I get some perks. I recently joined the best local gym. My health insurance covers the cost of the gym membership. I want a personal trainer to help develop my wellness and fitness plan, and they pay for half of that. My gym has a sauna and a massage therapy staff, so my gym membership includes relaxation as well as weight lifting and yoga classes. Cha-ching! I reached out to ask about getting nutritional counseling, and again, I only paid half the fee. I now have nutritional programs made specifically for me and my goals. I am healthier than ever because my health plan covers the cost of my gum membership!


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Stayed signed in to friends’ smart thermostat

I try to be a good friend in any way that I can.

I know that it’s difficult to be an adult these days so I try to help my friends whenever I can lend them a hand.

Sometimes, I try my best but ultimately wind up doing them a huge disservice anyways. Recently, I tried to help my friend when she needed a house sitter with almost no notice. I agreed to go over to her house and make sure that everything stayed alive while she was gone. When she gave me the information to get into the house she also gave me her smart thermostat code so I could make changes to the indoor air temperature while I was there. I appreciated that she considered my comfort inside her house because it was particularly hot and sweaty outside. I definitely was going to need to use the thermostat to control the central cooling system while I was watching her plants and cats. Unfortunately, after I left her house I forgot to uninstall her thermostat from my smart thermostat app. For the next several weeks I didn’t realize that I had accidentally stayed logged into my friend’s temperature control unit rather than my own. You can imagine how confused I was every time I tried to adjust my indoor air temperature and realized that nothing was changing. You can also imagine how frustrated my friend was when her smart thermostat was randomly changing her indoor air temperature control settings without her knowledge. When we finally realized what the problem was I felt like an idiot… and helped to cover her super high energy bills.
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Zone controlled heating keeps kids from fighting

When I was going into this global pandemic I really thought that it would be a few weeks of discomfort and then we would all go back into the world like nothing has happened.

  • I didn’t expect that it would be such a long and ongoing issue.

In fact, it is gone on for months longer than I could handle. Not only is my job completely disrupted but the kids are driving me up the wall. They always need something and they can’t seem to entertain themselves. Worst of all, because there are three children they are continually fighting with each other about indoor air conditions and living situations. Specifically, they are obsessed with the indoor air temperature and love to bicker with each other about the HVAC settings. I swear that my central heating, cooling, and ventilation systems could never please these bratty kids. One of them wants the furnace to be running in the middle of summer. One of them wants the air conditioning system to run 24/7. And one of them is opposed to indoor air temperature control of any sort. Thank God, several months ago we had zone controlled heating and cooling installed in our house. Whenever the kids start fighting with each other I make the indoor air temperature settings extremely different from each other. Then, the kids can decide which zone of comfort they would prefer to experience. Finally, I can get a moment of peace. Trust me when I say it never lasts long, because they inevitably start fighting in the backyard after all my temperature control efforts, anyways.

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