Now that it’s warm, here’s how to maintain your oil furnace

Now that the weather is finally getting warm, and hopefully we’ll be able to beginning going out again, it’s time to do some service and edification.

  • I’m talking about Spring cleaning, adjusting out your jackets for t-shirts, planting flowers and- of course- switching from your oil furnace to your A/C.

As an HVAC specialist, I’m here to propose some service options, but while you’ll put your jackets away and forget about them for numerous months, I advocate that you do not do this with your oil furnace. There are some oil furnace service tips that you might want to look into. Make sure to clean and replace your filters (yes, your oil furnace has a oil furnace filter just prefer your A/C has an air filter). While you’re replacing the oil furnace filter, in the same section you will find the blower motor. Make sure that your oil furnace’s blower motor is functioning properly. If your oil furnace blower is making a lot of noise, that can indicate an issue. Finally, I cannot advocate highly enough that you clean your oil furnace’s vents and air duct. You can call your HVAC provider for this service. Especially since you’re going to be allowing your oil furnace to rest idle, for the most part, now is the perfect time to get everything in your oil furnace cleaned and tuned up for next winter. I hope this has been helpful for you! I believe that numerous people don’t suppose much about oil furnace service coming into moderate weather, but it’s truly 1 of the best times to get your oil furnace worked on. I suppose of it as purchasing Winter clothes in the Spring- you get a fantastic deal and, come winter, you’ll be much happier.
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