No weekend off in two months

Every summer, I look forward to going to the lake to go kayaking and fishing with my friends and family. I’ve been going to the lake every summer since I was a kid. My parents have a house on the lake with a boat ramp. We don’t have a lot of money, but we always have a great time when we go to the lake. We have a few kayaks and we always catch a fish or two in the water. The lake is well stocked with many different kinds of fish like trout, Bass, perch, and bluegill. Since the beginning of this summer, I have not had a single chance to go to the lake and go fishing. I have been busy every weekend with work. I haven’t picked up a pole since March. When the Coronavirus became prevalent in our country, a lot of things changed. Working in the HVAC industry, my job became a lot more hectic. Since the coronavirus is an airborne virus, a lot of people are worried about the indoor air quality. I have installed more air purifiers for air filtration machines in the past 3 years then I have in my entire career working as an HVAC technician. A few of my co-workers are at home instead of work, because they are worried about contracting the illness or bringing the virus back to their family. I am staying safe and washing my hands all of the time. In fact, my hands are dry and cracked due to the amount of alcohol-based sanitizer that I use every day. I would love to have a whole weekend off work to take my family to the lake and go fishing, but right now isn’t the best time to think about a fun family vacation.

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