No match for bad air quality

I have to tell you that the air quality in my city is pretty bad.

It seems that almost nothing will help it no matter what you do.

I can for sure tell you that the air quality is so bad that even a few really top of the line portable air purification systems will not even help clean the air quality in my home. You have all of the outdoor air quality getting in the house through little cracks, and it is constantly flowing. So there really is no escaping it at all. I have tried using up to 5 portable air purification systems in my house, which cost me a small fortune to do. However, like I was saying, none of those even worked! About the only thing that would be a match for the bad air quality around here would be to invest in a whole home UV air purification system. Between the power of the whole home having air purification blown throughout the air vents of the central heating and air conditioning system, mixed with the ultraviolet light that powers and drives the air purifier, that would be the only way to even deal with this really awful indoor and outdoor air quality that we have here in this city. I am actually looking into doing this. Though it’s gonna take a little while to get the money together. I am going to have to both save some money from my weekly paycheck for a few months. And on top of that I am going to have to take out a small loan from the bank.

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