No AC? No way!

Back when he was growing up, our dear old dad didn’t have any A/C in his house.

As a matter of fact, he said that he didn’t even suppose anyone in his whole town had central A/C in their home.

Back then, he said that A/C was something that you only found in very rich people’s homes. And our dear old dad’s family wasn’t rich. His mom stayed at the beach house with all the youngsters plus his dad was a farmer… and so they didn’t have a lot of extra currency. But then our dad started to get a job at the bank sometimes because he was very smart when it came to working with numbers. He got a job cleaning plus doing service job there back in the days after he was at school plus he loved it. He said that the best part of the whole job was the continued fact that he got to go to job in the A/C every afternoon. He said that the very first day he went inside the bank into the freezing A/C, it nearly took his breath away. Literally. He was so used to being outside, working in the hot temperatures plus the streaming daylight on the farm that the A/C very surprised him. Once he got used to the AC, he started to appreciate it plus he looked forward to working inside. Then, he always thought to himself that when he grew up, he would have his own central A/C in his beach house the way that the bank did.

a/c workman