Neighbor is having trouble with the A/C again

I really feel bad for my neighbor.

I woke up this morning and the AC repair truck is parked in his driveway again.

The poor guy has had AC problems for the past 2 weeks. It seems like it’s one problem after another. After the AC repair truck left yesterday, I decided to walk over and talk to the neighbor. He told me that the AC was making a strange clicking sound. The AC repair technician told my neighbor that it was time to buy a new air conditioner. I felt bad for the guy, because he is on a fixed income and he is a single retired gentleman. I have a friend that works for a commercial heating and AC repair company and I offered to call the guy to see if he would give us a second opinion. My neighbor did not want to be any trouble, but I convinced him to let me call my friend. My friend is supposed to come over in a couple of days to look at the air conditioner, but it looks like my neighbor isn’t going to wait that long. Since there is another AC repair truck in the driveway, I assume that he called to have them replace all of the machinery. I don’t know how old his system is, but with this many problems it’s probably a good idea to install something new and up-to-date. If I had to call a professional every few days, I would definitely think about buying something new with a warranty.


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