My friend lost everything they had in their name

All of us received awful news last week when all of us found that many of our friends lost their home on the very day after Christmas.

It was a very awful situation and everyone of us quickly found out what caused the fire in the first place.

It definitely scared me when I found out that the reason the fire began was due to the gas fireplace. This was super spine chilling to myself and others because many of us have a gas log fireplace in our home. As one matter of fact, the heating and cooling dealer that initially installed the fireplace installed our own place also. The two of us have the type of wood burning fireplace so it is a little bit of a weird and different situation. All of us have the mantle and also the chimney and also many of the things necessary for the fireplace. The heating and cooling dealer came to convert the wood fireplace to a gas fireplace but it didn’t seem like a very big deal. The whole thing never even cost us much money if we are being truthful. Our neighbors took issue with the fireplace due to the fact that their home had no pre-existing construction at all. They had an aftermarket fireplace added by the heating and cooling dealer. The heating and cooling dealer absolutely came to check connections in our place so we didn’t end up with the same type of problem that our friends had. Thank goodness that the heating and cooling dealer was happy to ease our minds and our trouble.
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