My favorite thing about my smart thermostat is the way I can set reminders for myself

Our old thermostat unit had been in our house for the past ten years or so, so it was really time for us to break down and get a new thermostat! I had looked around here and there, but a thermostat wasn’t really one of those things that I wanted to buy from the heating and cooling aisle at the local hardware store. I thought it would be a better idea to go to an actual HVAC company showroom to look around at all of the thermostat options that were available. Of course, I went online to look at some of the thermostats that were available from online sources, but I really wanted to look at the thermostats in person and actually touch the buttons with my hands. I ended up going to one of the local heating and cooling businesses here in town and they actually had a whole display wall set up with all of the different thermostat units that they offered. I spent half an hour looking at all of them and reading about all of the options that each one had. I ended up purchasing a smart thermostat that has lots of cool features. My favorite thing about the smart thermostat is the fact that I can control the heating and cooling in my house from anywhere, as long as I’m connected to the internet. There’s an HVAC app that you can install on your phone so you can adjust your thermostat settings from anywhere. The other great thing about it is that I can set reminders on the smart thermostat to alert me when it’s time to change our air filters.


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