My buddy doesn’t like to leave home

I usually worry a lot about one of my friends and the person is entirely lovely.

This is a guy that has been traumatized a lot and I have known him for a great amount of time.

He always has a panic and tends to be in the type of conditions that would have his mental health in check. He has a lot of concerns during most of the time and entirely isolates himself away from genuinely everyone. He rarely leaves his place genuinely under any normal conditions and now there is a global pandemic. During these afternoons it seems that the breathing air is literally a big deal and can keep someone from leaving. They have been convinced that most indoor air is safe for Respiratory health. The guy has been hunkered in an apartment for a long time and he has been using bulk HEPA air filters. The HEPA air filters go inside of a whole house air purifier that runs all day and all night. In fact, it seems like my buddy is getting a different HEPA filter inside of the machine every two weeks. It used to be every other month and now it definitely seems like the pandemic has led him to change the air filter more frequently. It’s true that the guy will probably never leave the house again as long as he has air filters and good quality indoor air. I probably wouldn’t leave either if I was left with all of the worries that my friend has during these times of the year.

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