My beach accomodations lacked proper indoor climate control

Three days plus several hours spent in the sun at the beach, it was the first time I had ever won a contest.

And little did I guess this paradise getaway would easily turn out to be one of the worst weekends of my life! At the time, though, I was on top of the world.

As I said, I had never won anything before, not a stereo contest, not a silent auction, not even a $5 scratch off lottery ticket. My best friend Sandy plus I decided to go together, plus found our destination was an amazing little bungalow right along the beach. However the two of us noticed straight away that the AC was not particularly working like it should, but instead we decided to hit the beach first plus worry about everything else later. Because in a normal hotel, when there is a concern with the cooling system, or with anything at all, you just call the front desk plus they send someone up. This was not a hotel, plus when the two of us called the helpline number to report that the a/c was not particularly working at all, the two of us just got an answering machine. Long story short, no one ever bothered to call us back about the a/c, thank goodness our lives weren’t in danger! But wait, it gets worse, because it was also an old, junky box style AC component that was held in the front window with a mounting bracket that was also old plus junky. I tried hitting the a/c on the side a few times, plus it snapped the bracket completely. That junky old AC component crashed and landed right on my left foot!


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