Meeting at a motel at a bad idea

My wife and I have been married for 25 years.

We have two children that are grown up with spouses and children of their own.

Sometimes life can be boring and repetitive, but my wife and I do our best to keep things alive and exciting. Last weekend, we decided to meet at a seedy Hotel. When we were in college and dating, we used to meet at a seedy Hotel all the time. We both had roommates and it was the only way that we could get any privacy. My wife and I thought it would be fun to meet at a CD Hotel like we did so many years ago. Unfortunately, meeting at a motel was a terrible idea. My wife made the reservations and we didn’t research the place very much. We were trying to go with the flow like we would have done three decades ago. My wife and I got to the motel and we didn’t even want to check in. The guy behind the counter was creepy and he asked us a lot of personal questions. When we made our way to the hotel room, the whole place smelled like wet carpet and dogs. We turned on the air conditioner and hoped the smell would go away. Unfortunately, the smell was even worse when the air conditioner was running. My wife and I tried to forget about the terrible stench coming from the carpet and the air conditioner, but it was not the fun and thrilling evening that we had in mind. We decided to go back home to sleep in our own comfortable bed.

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