Many local businesses have improved their air ventilation amid the pandemic

My city was hit fairly hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since our airports have a lot of international travel, our numbers surged faster than the rest of the country.

It completely ravaged the shopping malls, sports stadiums, nursing homes, and churches. Lockdowns were announced and the economy came to a screeching halt. Many of those who were lucky to keep their jobs started doing them from their home offices or living rooms. Ones who weren’t lucky enough to work remotely were suddenly thrust to the front lines of viral transmission in restaurants, retail stores, and medical offices everywhere. When some of the lockdowns were lifted, the businesses that reopened had to follow strict guidelines given by the state. Many of our local businesses had to implement capacity restrictions, plexiglass barriers, and improved air ventilation. Aside from upgrading the HVAC system in your store, one way I’ve seen some business owners approach the problem is with strategically placed air purifiers throughout the interior. If you have a store or shop with multiple zones, you’d ideally have an air purifier in each zone. This way any customers disobeying mask orders wouldn’t pose as much of a risk to other people in the store. The air is rapidly moving toward the air purifiers which shortens the amount of time respiratory particles can float in ambient air. Just using a few air purifiers can greatly reduce the risk of viral transmission inside small indoor spaces. You can’t rely on every person to wear a mask, nor can you rely on every mask to equally absorb respiratory particles from the people wearing them. That’s why the air purifiers are so effective at mitigating viral transmission.

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