Make your choice!

My partner & I have some large decisions to make regarding our existing Heating & A/C system… Every one of us have been honestly working very hard on expanding our lake house & office area, & the two of us are also continually adding on a large heated & cooled garage.

This is a project that we’ve consistently together wanted to do & this year the two of us finally decided to pull the trigger & finally get it done.

It’s been a little bit overwhelming for us to deal with. There have been way more decisions to make than the two of us ever originally thought that there would be. This week, the two of us are meeting with our previously chosen Heating & A/C corporation who came highly commanded to us by some of our very best friends. The Heating & A/C corporation talked to us about the extremely odd chances that the two of us had to be able to supply highly acceptable heating & cooling for our existing square footage & also for our home addition. Every one of us was honestly excited to talk to the local Heating & A/C corporation because the two of us thought that of course he would just tell us the best thing to do & then be done with it. Every one of us really didn’t know that he would ever force us to figure things out for ourselves! He said that 1 choice would be to replace our existing Heating & A/C system to make it far stronger & more powerful. That way, it would be able to keep up with the ongoing demand for heating & cooling throughout our entire house… My partner wasn’t super interested in that, though. He wanted to try & repair & keep using our very aged Heating & A/C unit.

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