It’s crazy, but I’m feeling a little bit jealous over my sister’s new thermostat system

I know that this sounds ridiculous, but I am honestly feeling a little bit jealous over my sister’s new thermostat system that she recently had installed.

I’m living in an old house with an equally old HVAC system, including an ancient thermostat.

The new thermostat that my sister just bought is a programmable thermostat, which is designed to adjust to the temperature that you set it at for different parts of the day or night. During the summer when the temperatures outside are really hot, a programmable thermostat can be set to let the temperature rise when you’re not home and then for the A/C to start cooling the house down when you’re on the way home from work. By the time you make it home, the house will be nice and cool again. This can save you a lot of money on your cooling bills during the summer. Likewise, in the winter, you can set it so your furnace won’t run nearly as much during the day when you aren’t home, but by the time you make it home from work, your house will be nice and toasty again. It makes sense to have a thermostat that does the work for you, since no one can remember to turn their thermostats up and down manually on a regular basis. I know that it would be impossible for me to remember, that’s for sure. Of course, my sister keeps rubbing it in my face about how her thermostat is so much better than mine. I’m jealous, but I would never tell her that!
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