It was dangerous to walk on the radiant heated floors with no shoes

My neighbor had just had radiant heated floors installed in their residence! I thought truly that was the most wonderful thing because I had heard a lot about radiant heated floors for a while, as well as I wanted to look into them myself.

They are a bit out of my price range at the moment though! My neighbor however had that kind of money to spend on the radiant heated floors. They ended up having some bizarre issue with them they told me. The radiant heated floors were absolutely heating up too much! It eventually got to the point where to even walk on the radiant heated floors separate from shoes was extremely dangerous. Not to mention, it was making their residence much too hot. They had to reach out to the local HVAC company that installed the radiant heated floors as well as have them send out a certified HVAC machine specialist to address the major issue as well as see what was going on. It turns out that there was a strange issue with the temperature control component reacting to the radiant heated floors. Whatever the issue happened to be, it was cranking the temperature to an excess of 99 degrees, as well as this was making the radiant heated floors overheat severely. It was a pretty crazy issue that could have caused worse damages had it not been caught as well as addressed in a hurry. Once the HVAC machine specialist fixed the issue with the temperature control, our neighbor said that the radiant heated floors were definitely the best form of heating he ever had in his life, and he thought so as well as his family totally felt the same.

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