In an RV, humidity can be trouble

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on damprid, then you need to buy a dehumidifier

When you live in a small enclosed space, humidity can be an awful problem. If you also live in an environment that tends to be humid most days, the trouble can be doubled. My wife and I purchased an RV to take to the lake on weekends. When we started working from home a few months ago, we started spending more time at the lake. Now we are living there full-time and we are starting to have a lot of trouble with the indoor humidity. When my wife and I take a shower, there is condensation that appears on the top of the bathroom ceiling and inside the bedroom. When I am cooking downstairs in the kitchen, sometimes there is a bit of humidity by the air conditioner. I started to worry about the condensation and I talked to a few other people in the RV park about the problem. Everyone has the same suggestion which was to buy a dehumidifier. My wife and I wondered if a dehumidifier would solve the problem. We performed some online research to see if dehumidifiers would work well in this situation. It turns out that most RV owners have a way to dehumidify the indoor air. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on damprid, then you need to buy a dehumidifier. This humid and tropical climate can cause a lot of problems if you live in a small space. We decided to order a small dehumidifier online. We use the dehumidifier when we cook or shower and especially on particularly hot days like today.

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