I’m terribly forgetful with appointment s

He glared at me the entire time he was working on the furnace investigation

I am probably the most forgetful person in the whole world. I often have trouble remembering my car keys, wallet, phone, and daily schedule. I have tried many different skills to improve my memory, but I’m just a forgetful person. I even tried going to a clinic that helps improve memory skills and focus. It didn’t work, and I didn’t get a refund. I have all of my family’s birthdays written down on a calendar. so I don’t forget. I even have a reminder set on my phone so I don’t forget my parents anniversary. As a forgetful person, I often have trouble keeping track of appointments and a daily schedule. I had an appointment with the HVAC contractor to have a tune-up performed on the furnace this week. I made the appointment several weeks ago when I found out that the HVAC contractor was going to have a special during the month of September. I thought I wrote the appointment on the calendar, but apparently I forgot that too. When the HVAC contractor showed up to perform the tune up, I was still asleep in my bed. I was at home thankfully, because the HVAC contractor charges a fee if you do not show up for an appointment. The HVAC technician stood outside on the front lawn for 10 minutes while I put on some clothes and brushed my teeth. He glared at me the entire time he was working on the furnace investigation. I know he was aggravated that I made him wait outside. I have to come up with a better way to remember my daily appointments.

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