I’m looking for several new employees

My family and I have been in the heating business since 1940.

  • My great-grandfather worked in a coal mine most of his life.

When he retired, he started fixing old heaters and furnaces. My grandfather helped with all of the repairs and eventually went to work in the coal mine too. My father is also in the heating business, but he owns a small furnace repair business. I work for the furnace repair business as well. My dad and I have been very busy this winter. The business is starting to grow significantly, and it’s time to hire a few new employees. My dad is looking to hire several new people to start working with the company before the summer season begins. We are just as busy during the summer as we are in the winter. We mainly focus on heating issues for furnaces, heat pumps, and electric heaters. A few years ago, we started offering AC repair services during the summer time. Business has picked up since then, and now it is necessary to have a few extra employees for the summer season. My dad put an ad in the local newspaper, and he also placed an advertisement on Craigslist. We’re looking to find some seasoned HVAC repair technicians that are smart, capable, friendly, and ready to work. We need to find some guys or gals that have a few years of experience under their belt. We don’t have a lot of time to train new repair techs, so it’s important that we find someone with a lot of commercial and residential HVAC repair experience.

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