I’m glad that I decided to buy a smart thermostat

Our old thermostat unit had been in our dwelling for the past multiple years or so, so it was seriously time for us to cut down & get a modern thermostat! I had looked around at different places, but a thermostat wasn’t honestly one of those things that I wanted to buy from the heating & cooling aisle at the local hardware store. I was thinking that it would be a better idea to go to an actual Heating & A/C business showroom to see all of the thermostat options that were available! Of course, I went online to look at a few of the thermostats that were available from online sources, even though I honestly wished to look at the thermostats in person & actually feel the buttons with my hands. I ended up going to a single one of the local heating & cooling appliance suppliers here in the city & they actually had a sizable display set up with all of the thermostat units that they sold. I spent half an hour looking at all of them & learning about what each one could do. I ended up purchasing a smart thermostat that has many superb features… My favorite thing about the smart thermostat is the fact that I can control the heating & cooling appliance in my home from virtually anywhere, as long as I’m connected to the internet… There’s a Heating & A/C app that you can install on your phone so you can change up your thermostat settings from anywhere. The other fantastic thing about it is that I can set reminders on the smart thermostat to alert myself and others when it’s time to change our air filters.