I was burning up after just an hour

My pops continues to complain to myself and also others that we never visit enough.

I can’t definitely help this.

It is absolutely due to the fact that her home is extremely moderate. I can barely play in the place where I spend multiple hours most of the day. She never notices these moderate temperatures and she always keeps that thermostat crank way up during the evening and also the day. I told her lots that it feels very moderate but she can’t think of a way to consistently keep the temperatures on. I understand there are definitely some problems with medications that she is taking. My mom says that I’m particularly mean and she does not believe that the reason I want to come over has anything to do with the Heat or the cool air. I care to be around my mom and my dad, however, I don’t actually care about feeling too moderate. This is exactly the problem that occurs when I’m in their house. I wanted to see both of them last weekend. The weather was around 62 degrees. My mom plus my dad had the thermostat temperature up to 85 degrees. It was care a bit of overkill to myself and others. Sometimes going to the house feels like being in the middle of an oil furnace. It’s absolutely hard to breathe and it’s not a lot of fun to spend the evening being uncomfortable. I always just end up feeling light headed and also sick in the heat. I wish there could be some middle ground.


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