I often wondered about the effectiveness of UV air purification systems

My sister has always been a big proponent of keeping the indoor air quality in her home at the highest possible levels. She never lets smoke or air fresheners or even grease from cooking get into the ventilation system in her house. She’s always very careful about what contaminants come into contact with her HVAC system, and she swears by the UV air purifier that she has connected to her heating and cooling system. I have to admit that her kids are hardly ever sick with any sort of respiratory issues like mine are. I asked her about her UV air purification system and she told me all of the different reasons that it works so well for her and her family. I always had my doubts that a UV air purifier would even do anything but she’s changed my mind. Apparently, numerous scientific studies have shown that the UV light used in UV air purifiers effectively eliminates pathogens in the air like viruses, bacteria, pollens, or other pollutants. My sister told me that the reason she likes using UV light air purifiers instead of any other kind is because this type of purifier kills the pathogens instead of simply trapping them. I like the sound of that! I mean, if there is a virus trying to get into my ventilation system and make my family sick, I would rather just kill it than try and trap it within a HEPA filter. I would probably still be doubtful about the effectiveness of a UV light air purification system if I hadn’t seen one work so well at my sister’s house!

HVAC serviceman