I never remember the air filter

I hate air filters with a passion.

It is so dumb that I have to replace an air filter on my HVAC system every month.

Do I remember to do it? Of course not, it is usually three months by the time it occurs to me. My HVAC unit barely works and the air feels gross. I then remember the air filter and change it. That is saying I actually have an air filter on hand. What do you know, my air conditioning filter is a weird size. I can’t pick it up at my local hardware store since they don’t carry the right size. I don’t even get fun with MERV ratings or require anything else special. I just want a filter that fits my HVAC equipment. How hard is that? It is really hard apparently. I need to remember to order air filters from my actual HVAC business. Thank goodness they sell air filters that fit my system perfectly. I know they are a good kind and quality because it is coming from a real HVAC provider too. They are great about shipping on time and packaging them safe. The only issue is me remembering to purchase and getting them in bulk. Buying a single air filter is quite expensive after you factor in shipping. If I buy enough for 6-8 months, it isn’t so much money. The problem is that after I am out of air filters, I don’t realize it right away. Then I need an air filter now and I don’t want to put in such a large order. I only need one, so I want to order one. I should really be on an automated service like my birth control that comes monthly.

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