I need a portable a/c

Heck, if I could fit in a portable refrigerator, I’d jump in there too.

I saw the funniest thing at a picnic yesterday! You suppose those little refrigerators that truckers use? They plug into the car outlet and they keep food genuinely cold. I used to have one and take it camping. It would get so cold that it would particularly freeze the food on the bottom. Anyway, I saw this man at the park with one of those little refrigerators obstructed into his car. The door to the refrigerator was removed and his miniature poodle was just standing in the refrigerator chilling out. The little dog looks so cool and comfortable in there. I, on the other hand, was pretty moderate outside at the park. The little dog in the refrigerator genuinely got myself and others to thinking. Why can’t they invent a portable a/c that genuinely works? I’ve tried a bunch of portable a/cs and none of them are any good. To start with, they aren’t genuinely a/cs. They’re just evaporators. They labor legitimately differently. However, the cooling mechanism in the little portable refrigerators is real. It works just the same way as an a/c does. So if they can make a portable refrigerator why can’t they make a real portable a/c? Then we could all be comfortable just enjoy that little dog. Heck, if I could fit in a portable refrigerator, I’d jump in there too. Then at least I would be cool while still enjoying the outdoors. When I told this to my boyfriend, he said that I could get the same result by just standing in my car with the a/c on. Although that’s sort of true, it’s just not the same thing. I need a portable a/c that can travel with me.

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