I miss having air conditioning while camping

I have not been camping for quite a few years however I still have all the equipment.

I used to camp quite a bit back in the day! So, when a associate told myself and others she was going camping, I decided to tag along.

I set our tent up and made sure it was still in fine condition and got all of our gear together. Then I joined our associate at the campground. That’s when I remembered why it is that I do not camp anymore. I was so tepid and uncomfortable the entire trip. My tent does not have an a/c and the temperature never got below 73°; Even at evening, I was sweltering hot. Sitting outside all day was nice and wonderful but even then, I wished I had an a/c to cool off with. It was almost impossible to sleep at evening because I was so hot. Even though I slept on top of our sleeping bag, I just could not get comfortable. I was ready to go home the hour day of the camping trip because I was so exhausted and uncomfortable. That’s when I found out that the campground rents out cottages and that these cottages have a/cs. I inquired at the main office and found out that 1 of the cottages was available for rent. I hastily paid the fee and moved all of our stuff into the cottage. Then I cranked the a/c up as high as it would go. It was so nice to rest in front of the a/c. I could still look out the window and see the beautiful nature. But now, I could do it while being comfortable. I slept enjoy a baby that evening too. I assume it’s because I was nice and comfortable with the a/c on.


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