I found three portable A/C units for the party

My girlfriend and I wanted to host a garden party to celebrate the birth of our first baby. We didn’t have a baby shower before our daughter was born, but we were planning to have a huge celebration and party after the birth. My girlfriend and I have a very large backyard and we were happy to host all of our friends and family. My girlfriend and I wanted to be sure that all of our guests would be comfortable, so we decided to find some portable A/C units to rent. My girlfriend and I were going to have the garden party out by the pavilion, where there are plenty of places to sit. Unfortunately, it can be very hot and humid in the middle of June. I knew that the warm air and humidity would be a problem for my mom and my grandmother. My girlfriend and I called around to a few different A/C companies before we found someone that would rent equipment. They gave us a great deal on 3 portable A/C units. I only paid fifteen dollars a day for each one of the A/C units. My girlfriend and I picked them up on Friday morning and the party was Saturday afternoon. We didn’t have to return the portable A/C units until Sunday. We had plenty of time to clean up from the party before we had to worry about taking any equipment back to the dealer. The garden party was a huge success and everyone was excited to meet our daughter.


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