I don’t like how my cooling equipment affects me

I have some strange quirks about me, I suppose, similar to how most people do. I really have issues whenever it comes to internal thermostat settings and indoor temperature control. For as long as I can remember, I have been overly cold. I’ve always felt miserable with the drafts, chilly air, and goosebumps that dominate my life. I have always carried around extra layers, from sweatshirts all the way up to frosty season coats. I have gotten used to continually rubbing my hands together and keeping extremely hot drinks with me always so that I can warm up when my fingers happen to go numb. In short, I am no stranger to feeling entirely freezing, and this can be a major setback, especially when I am kneeling around and working on a laptop throughout the day. I do not like to say, oftentimes, kneeling still means that my circulation is inadequately moving warm blood over to my extremities. I get even more frosty and I easily feel the need to protect myself from any indoor air conditioner equipment or drafts from overhead air vents. It’s not very easy in a shared office with a shared thermostat and a shared Heating, Ventilation and A/C, that’s for sure. When I am at home, I still have to fret about the threat of chilly indoor cooling equipment, though. In fact, I usually have to block the HVAC vent near my desk in order to get any work taken care of at all. If there is cool air blowing at my feet, I can’t really concentrate. I generally shove a few pillows next to the HVAC vent and go about my task feeling warmer than ever before. The true concern is, I occasionally forget to detach my HVAC vent blocks. Then I wake up feeling overheated with sweat all over myself. I can’t ever win.
Cooling technician