I can’t find the air purifier and it’s driving me nuts

I truly can’t find our air cleaner.

I sincerely don’t know how I lose things so easily, however it makes me feel so aggravated with myself.

I have lost our keys more times than I can count. I have lost my cell phone a number of times. I have lost my wallet numerous times, but I feel like that is more normal for people to lose… Losing an air purifier is honestly not a normal thing to lose. I absolutely care about our air cleaner, so I am quite agitated that I lost it. I have searched our entire property numerous times, but I can’t seem to find that air cleaner. I called my mom and asked her if she recalled me giving our air purifier to anyone to let them borrow it, but she said that she didn’t remember me actually giving it away. The only place that I can sincerely think of left to look is our shed outback. I never put our air purifier in the shed in the past, so I don’t even know why I would do it this time, however that is my only hope for finding that air purifier. I let my dad store some of his tools and things in our shed, so he has the key to the shed. He is actually on a trip right now. That means I will have to wait to look for our air purifier. That makes me even more aggravated to be honest. I just want our air cleaner to improve the air quality. That air cleaner cost myself and others a great deal of money, and I have only had it for a few years.


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