I bought a new house and now I want efficient HVAC

I have been bugging my husband for the past year about moving to another house.

We live in a place now that has terrible indoor air quality and the HVAC system that we currently have is just terrible.

Not only is the HVAC system terrible, but I feel like we spend every spare penny just paying for our heating and cooling bills every month. I feel like our money is literally going right out the window with our heating and cooling bills. I would love to buy a home that’s more energy efficient than the one that we’re living in now. Unfortunately, we don’t really have the money to buy a better house right now. We are working on paying off one of our cars and my husband says that once that is done we can talk more about moving. I keep thinking that if it wasn’t for all of the ridiculously high heating and cooling bills that we have to pay here every month, we could really be saving lots more money to move out! I love the idea of living in an energy efficient home with maybe a heat pump or a ductless mini split unit as our heating and cooling system. If we could find a place with radiant heated flooring, that would be even better. I guess I should just focus on one thing at a time, though. Moving to an energy efficient home with great indoor air quality is at the top of my wish list, though. It’s going to happen sooner or later, I just know it.

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