How to plan for the parent’s temperature

It is impossible to plan for the temperature at my parent’s house. First, my mother is going through menopause and likes to keep the home cold. She won’t run the heater hardly at all during the winter and all summer long wants AC. Sometimes my father complains and wants the house a little hotter. He usually can convince my mother to turn off the AC and leave the doors open for fresh air. I come over for dinner almost three days a week since they live basically next door. I never know how to dress. Right now it is technically approaching spring. The daytime is super hot and nighttime drops into the 50s. I figure my parents either have the door open or AC running all day. Do they then adjust their temperature control for the nighttime? The answer is sometimes they do. So there are days that I need to wear pants and bring a jacket in order to have dinner and play cards comfortably. Other times it would be better to wear shorts and a tank top because it is so stuffy. I can’t really call them before I walk over though. I feel like it is kind of rude to ask how someone has theri temperature set. Everyone else I know likes to keep a consistent range whether it is a hotter or cooler temperature. Perhaps when my mother’s menopause is over the temperature range will be a little more solid. For right now I just bring a whole bundle of clothes and change when I arrive at their place. There is nothing worse than being the wrong temperature.