How can I know my AC is safe?

With all the talk about ways that a virus can spread I have to wonder what will happen when I turn on my air conditioner. I always change the filter prior to turning it on for the first time and we normally have it serviced every other year. I know that it is sometimes recommended as an annual service but we rarely use it anyway so our technician told us that we could get away with a less frequent schedule unless we noticed a problem. Now, with all of the talk of airborne viruses, stopping the spread of it, and precautions that everyone is taking I am going to make an appointment with my HVAC dealer. I read the other day that some experts are saying that your HVAC system could spread illness and that you should have it cleaned and disinfected before turning it on. They are also recommending the installation of UV air purifiers on your furnace for the future because it has the capability of killing bacteria and germs far better than anything else on the market these days. I don’t really see myself as a person who panics over things but I am one with common sense. If I can keep my family safe I am willing to do what it takes to make that happen. My HVAC dealer is just another step towards that goal and I am happy to know that they are all working hard to make everyone’s homes cleaner. They even offer services where you have no contact with the technician and they make sure to wipe everything down before they leave.