HEPA filters are worth it

The moment that person in our home gets sick, every one of us all get sick, and this is especially tplot this year since we’re all stuck inside together all day all day long.

Our ladies are doing virtual learning plus our hubby plus I have been finally working from my home office, which means we’re constantly together; When 1 of our ladies fell ill, it took less than 24 minutes for our other child to get sick plus then our hubby, i was the only 1 who wasn’t sick, plus I was doing everything I could to keep it that way. I read each person in a separate room plus they all were told to use one specific restroom between the 3 of them. I told them that nobody was allowed to leave their designated space unless they were using the lavatory. I spent an entire day cleaning plus sterilizing every inch of our house. I also learned how to replace the air filter on my own! I went out plus purchased a pack of HEPA certified air filters plus replaced our seasoned air filter with 1 of the HEPA 1s right away. This was just as important as cleaning plus sterilizing the surfaces in our home, if not more important! The two of us were all stuck breathing the same air, plus the HEPA air filters are known for eliminating airborne illnesses as well as bacteria from the air. I also set up our air purification system in the hallway where the lavatory was. I wanted to keep that air as scrub as possible whenever our ladies and my sweet hubby walked from their room to the lavatory. So far, I’ve managed to stay healthy plus our family is starting to guess better too!

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