Having an understanding

Have you ever had to haggle with or argue with a contractor of some kind about a price? I hate it when that happens.

And this was something I had to do recently when it came to my local heating and air conditioning contractor.

The heating and air conditioning contractor had overcharged me for HVAC service that should not have been charged at the rate that he did. He was charging several hundred dollars for a simple heating and air conditioning system tune up and check up. It was the most overpriced thing I think I ever seen in my life! The argument I was having with the heating and air conditioning contractor over this got so heated I thought a fight was going to break out like a couple of high school kids! However, when I mentioned calling my credit card company and claiming this as fraud, he wanted to calm down and make a deal. So we did just that. I ended up settling with him on a price that was a bit too expensive for what he did, but it wasn’t breaking the bank like his original charge. I just know I will never use this overpriced heating and air conditioning contractor ever again and tell everyone about him. I will be calling my local heating and air conditioning company the next time I need an HVAC tune up or check up. I should have done that in the first place, but I guess by calling an independent heating and air conditioning contractor, I thought I was going to be saving money. Well I guessed wrong!
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