Having a tune-up on the A/C unit

There are a number of reasons why it is important to tune up the AC unit in your home. Summer is filled with extreme heat and humidity. During the summer, 60% of homes experience trouble with the AC equipment. Many of these problems could be avoided by having the AC machine tuned up in the spring. A full ac tune up should come with a visual inspection and full cleaning. My wife and I use an HVAC company that has a 25 point inspection list. While they perform the HVAC tune up, they replace our air filter and clean the condenser drain. They also clean the blower motor and apply a protective coating of lubricant on all of the moving parts. The service professional tightens all of the electrical connections and visually inspect all of the mechanical parts and pieces. The HVAC service professional also examines the outdoor equipment and cleans any debris or leaves away from the machine. The entire service inspection takes about an hour, but it doesn’t cost very much money at all. My wife and I paid $59 for the system inspection and AC tune up last year. It was a good thing that we had the machine inspected before the summer, because we were very low on refrigerant. The HVAC service center is extremely busy during summer months. If we would have run out of refrigerant in the middle of summer, we would have needed to wait a day or two for a professional to come to help. In the middle of July, hours can equate to heat stroke, anxiety, and a day of misery.


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