Green tea as coffee substitute

In an attempt to drink less coffee, I started looking into different types of hot teas.

Green tea is one of the most popular flavors of tea on the market.

When I did some research, I found that green tea is known for providing antioxidants and promoting overall wellness. I also learned that there are quite a few different types of green tea. Match is a powdered green tea and can be purchased at all major health food stores. Gunpowder tea is a loose leaf option that is made from green tea leaves. From the reviews I read, people are drinking green tea and green tea extracts because of the many potential health benefits. There doesn’t seem to be a great deal of scientific studies or evidence to support the claims, but lots of people are convinced. It’s been suggested that green tea offers anti-cancer properties. There are indications that green tea might help to combat high cholesterol and heart disease. Certain studies have shown that drinking green tea can help lessen the risk of developing high blood pressure. There are claims that it combats tooth decay. While green tea is definitely better than coffee, it still contains enough caffeine to stimulate the nervous system and enhance mental awareness. There is a mild effect on metabolism. Even if more scientific research is needed to prove the rewards of green tea, I like drinking it. I need a hot beverage to get me started in the mornings and relax me in the evenings. Making a steaming cup of green tea is quick and easy, and I find the taste and aroma soothing.

Passionflower tea