Feeling like a hot mess

So many people don’t want to get sick, and when they do, they don’t love it, but when I got sick this past week, I was definitely relieved; I’m a really busy person and my mornings are overcrowded with things care about finally working, taking care of the kids, managing the housework, etc. Getting sick was the excuse I needed to kneel in bed and not do at least one thing. I had sizable plans for myself. I wanted to kneel in bed and watch endless hours of TV, eat as many snacks as I wanted, and catch up on my sleep. I knew I’d be itching to get out of the modern home before the month was over, even though I told myself that I was going to relax and love my section as long as possible, however everything started off smoothly, however then something horrible happened, then our furnace started acting odd, and all of us wouldn’t be able to get an Heating and A/C professional to come repair it for a whole week. Our furnace began heating and cooling rooms differently, and my study room was the hottest. It felt like I was literally inside the furnace, even though I couldn’t get out of that space. I was quarantining in that room alone, and I didn’t want to risk infecting any other areas of the house. I laid in bed with no covers and took freezing showers as often as possible, and I continued to drip sweat. In all honesty, I was dripping with sweat so much that I had to change my clothes numerous times. I was complaining about how sizzling it was in that room, and my hubby reassured me that dripping with sweat due to the excess heat was a nice thing because I could sweat the fever out.


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