Even had his HVAC serviced before our date

I guess that it’s easy to be impressed when you have kissed a lot of toads.

I don’t know what is up with my romantic life, but it’s not very healthy.

I am the worst at seeing all of the warning signs clearly flashing in front of my face. I tend to be bowled over by love and I don’t make the best judgment calls. This is why I was extremely excited when I went on a date with someone last week and he actually acted like a gentleman. From the moment that he picked me up to the time that we said goodbye, he was on his best behavior. I was extremely flattered by all of the lengths that he was going to. everything was prepared for the date, all the way down to his Central heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. When we walked into his apartment I noticed that the indoor air felt amazing. It seemed like he had high quality indoor air handling devices based on the even temperature and lack of airborne contaminants. Because I have such a sensitive respiratory system, I’m pretty good at detecting dander, dust, and other nasty debris. Thank God, I noticed that his indoor air was well filtered and a consistent temperature range. These indoor air quality concerns are actually important to me, because I think that heating and cooling equipment has a big impact on your health. When I mentioned that his indoor air felt positively delightful, my date smiled and told me that he had his Central HVAC system serviced before I came over. I think I’m in love.

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