Custom made fish tank stand

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he had a small fish tank with a few fish.

I thought it was a cool hobby and supported him in this.

Over the years, this small fish tank has turned into a 100 gallon tank with stones, sand, and 20 fish of all different species. I love the fish tanks, but they are a lot of work. They are great to observe and watch grow. When we got the biggest tank, we had to have a custom made stand built to support the weight. Only a custom made stand would be able to meet the needs of the amount of weight that is required for this kind of thing. The custom made stand had to be carefully designed in order to hold up to a thousand pounds of weight. Water is very heavy. When you start to add rocks and sand for structure, it gets even heavier. In order to support this, we had to have the woodworker that would be designing the fish tank come over to the house to take a look at the equipment. Another thing that had to be considered was how the stand would look in the house. This is a durable and expensive piece of furniture that I knew we would be keeping for many years to come. We had to consider that one day, we might not have the fish tank anymore, and it would be nice to use the custom built stand for something else. I suggested that the stain be a neutral color so that in the future, it could be used for something different.



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