Commercial air filtration company on the rise

When I graduated from high school, my mom and dad gave me a few stocks and bonds.

It wasn’t anything huge or fancy, but something to get me started. I had some steady stocks like Pepsi, Coke, and Dell, and then a few stocks that seemed to have long term promise to do well. One of the companies was a commercial air filtration company that was coming up with an air filter to rival the HEPA brand. My Dad got started in heating and A/C repair work and that’s one reason why we chose this particular stock. When I received the shares, they were trading at $0.67 each. I had those air filtration company stocks for three years before I saw them move any significant amount. Over the past six months, those shares of stock have more than tripled. The commercial air filtration company is on the rise due to the coronavirus and global pandemic. I thought about cashing out my shares while the stock is high, but it continues to move up every few days. As long as we are still battling the coronavirus and have no cure, it seems like commercial air filtration companies are going to have lots of work. The owner of my company just spent $50,000 to outfit the entire office building with air purifiers so we can return to the office and get work done. There must be big businesses and companies all over the world doing the exact same thing. It’s clear everyone’s lives are being greatly affected by this global virus.

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