Climate control is necessary in the shark room

I have a very large house on the beach. I moved into the house several months ago, and I am still trying to decorate the entire place. I decided to buy a very large fish tank so I could keep sharks. You have to have a special shark license, but I knew it wouldn’t be difficult to acquire. I called a special company that manufactures and installs fish tanks. The first thing they did was come to the house to perform an evaluation. They had a few concerns about climate control. The room with the shark tank needs to have really good climate control. The fish tank manufacturing company told me that I would likely need to upgrade the air conditioner in my house. All of the heat from the tank’s motor and assembly would cause a lot of warmth in that room. The warm air isn’t good for the sharks, so I needed to find a way to cool down the room. I decided to buy a special mini-split HVAC unit just for the shark room. I spoke with the HVAC company and the fish tank company so we could be certain that everything was right. The HVAC company specialist installed a mini-split HVAC unit in the west corner of the room. There’s plenty of cool air to help keep the temperature low. The mini-split HVAC unit also has a dehumidifier feature, and I know that will come in handy during the summer when the salt water causes excess moisture in the room. The dehumidifier will keep us from getting mold anywhere near the sharks.