Building a dream home

I always knew that I would want to build my own home one day. I have rented apartments, houses and condos and all I have ever wanted was a house I could design and call my own. I knew this would come later in life, and not necessarily be easy or cheap by any means, but it was a dream that I had since I was a little girl. Many girls dream about a dream wedding, but I always dreamt about a house. I have never been into fairy tales or princess stories. Instead, my dreams consisted of custom built furniture, sketches of a spacious kitchen coming to life, and natural wood furniture. I have never been a fan of cherrywood furniture that seems to haunt everyone’s childhood home. I was always thinking of ways to renovate something old and boring into something new and fun. I took a liking to details at an early age and was constantly eyeing furniture in other peoples homes. In my childhood, I would spend hours drawing the inside of houses and arranging the furniture on paper. I remember drawing details on dressers down to the shape and color of knob I wanted in the room. For some reason, the sofa was always the hardest for me to draw. I didn’t think that this would be too difficult, as it is only 3 sections and some curves, but the sofa was always so difficult. I would spend days on one piece of furniture, hoping to create a magazine-esq look by the end of the day.