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I love buying workout clothes

Once a year I get super motivated to workout. I always start by shopping for new athletic gear. I am convinced that high quality fitness gear encourages a better workout. It doesn’t chafe or bind and helps to wick away sweat. I like to buy the matching pants and shorts to brightly colored tanks. I […]

Trying to workout in the southern heat

I recently moved down south. I wasn’t sympathetic when everyone complained about the heat. I thought I could tolerate the heat without needing any AC. I moved in the Winter time and the weather felt like a northern Summer to me. I did not bother with AC and was able to exercise outside during the […]

Challenges of working out in the north

Working out in the northern part of the country is not always convenient. The main problem is the weather. Our Summer season only lasts a few months and brings heavy humidity. The rest of the year is freezing cold and wet. I really look forward to going for runs outside, but the season for it […]

Working from home accommodates working out

When I landed a job that is all online based, I didn’t realize what a beneficial asset it was going to be. I assumed that setting my own hours and being able to travel and still work would be the only perks. There are so many more advantages. My favorite thing is getting the opportunity […]

Carefully choosing an HVAC contractor

There is nothing that I hate much more than moving. I just loathe the very idea of having to pick up and start over again somewhere else. The physical move itself is the worst. All the packing, loading, unloading and unpacking just takes years off my life. We get movers as part of the deal […]

Geothermal HVAC commitment feels right

However, the radiant heat is wonderful and the best HVAC we have ever owned Winter is just a big part of ones life when you live in the region I do. I was born here so, it seems pretty natural to me. That doesn’t mean that it makes it any less tough. I think being […]

Whole house air purifier is a blessing

I have what you might call a super sensitive nose and it can be a bit much to deal with. My old man was just like me in that regard. He could smell a cigarette a mile away. My mom was always getting busted when she tried to sneak a smoke. I inherited this weird […]

Keeping those HVAC chores on my mind

I have many friends and family members who like to remind me that I live inside my head most of the time. Like I have my own little world that I snap out of to deal with this thing that the rest of us call reality. Mostly, that is fairly accurate. I am indeed a […]