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Missed out on heated flooring

I desperately wanted to add heated flooring to my home. I made the mistake of redoing my floors but not doing further research. I just ripped up the old carpet, laid down a cement board and put a tile overtop. When you rip up your floors, that is the only time to install the heating […]

Should have hired the professional

I made the huge mistake of hiring a handyman over a real HVAC contractor. I had a real HVAC company come in and assess the job of adding a ductless heat pump to my kitchen. I explained that I wanted it on a side wall, hidden out of the way. I wanted the outdoor unit […]

Leave it to the HVAC contractor

There are so many moving parts when it comes to building a house that it gets really tough to follow them all. But the best homes come from those homeowners who are involved in the build project itself. And getting a bit of knowledge about how a home build should proceed first is something I […]

Sort of forgot about the HVAC ductwork

I was just so excited to be getting new HVAC equipment. The heating and cooling equipment that came with the house was adequate but it wasn’t really what I wanted. So it took a lot of years before I was able to get the HVAC technology that I really wanted. And on top of that, […]

Will take a heat pump over a gas furnace

As far as heating capacity, the gas furnace is probably much stronger and more powerful than an HVAC heat pump. I don’t have the actual heating data to back that up. But the gas furnace is used in regions where the winter is brutal. The heat pump is used where the winters are far less […]

This sunroom needed some HVAC

I’m sure that many, many of us make long term plans that end up getting radically changed as time goes by. That certainly has happened with our retirement plans. For decades, my husband and I had planned to retire to the land of the sun and enjoy all that air conditioning down there. We had […]

Duplex gets new heating and cooling life

The situation I was looking for finally came along. For some time, I had been looking for a situation where I could own a duplex. This was something that would work out very well for me. I’m single and have a steady job but I’m not rich by any financial measure. The idea was to […]