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Baby’s First Trip to Home Depot

My baby’s first trip to Home Depot came at a very young age. In fact, it came before she was even born! When I was expecting my little one to come along, my body became a furnace that was determined to suffocate me with heat. Because of the hormones and whatever else, I felt an […]

Nursery Needs More Cooling

I didn’t give a second thought to who was going to get it out of the car and installed in the window! Of course, it would be a job for my husband, but he was not at all handy, plus he was working When I was pregnant, I lived in a house with pretty bad […]

Hospital Room During and After Childbirth

Have you ever been in the hospital room of a woman who is in labor? It can be quite the experience, let me tell you. You simply never know what you are going to find when you get there. Most hospitals nowadays try to pretend that childbirth day is just another normal day. For example, […]

Pregnancy Demands More Air Conditioning

Pregnant women need extra air conditioning! I asked him to put it in the bedroom window, and he did There are times in life when your needs for heating and cooling change. ONe of the most demanding times of life is during pregnancy. I remember when I was pregnant, there wasn’t enough air conditioning in […]

Can’t i get a break?

When things go wrong, they can really go wrong! Last week it seemed as if I could not catch a break. Every single place I turned something was going wrong or breaking on me. First, my car broke down and I had to have the engine replaced. Then my washing machine broke in my house. […]

The country dance

In our town every single summer we have a country music themed dance. It is a real fun time for all with line dancing and everyone dressing up in their most country looking outfits. It’s really awesome. This last summer when we had the country music themed dance there was an unfortunate event that caused […]

I hate fish

My wife always likes to cook some sort of fish for dinner once a week. I do not like fish at all and never have since I was a kid. So on these nights, I always have something special made for me. However, since I can not even stand the smell of fish I make […]

It just took a small kick

Sometimes when you try and fix things, the simple solution is the only one. And it turns out that something that could have taken you not more than a few seconds could be the answer after hours and hours of wasting time. This was the case with my central heating and air conditioning system. My […]