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No breeze and bad air quality

Living in the desert is very rough. I have been here for years due to business and believe me, it is not something I am really enjoying. If it wasn’t for the great money I was making I would high tail it out of here and run for the hills faster than you could blink […]

Unexpected quick repair

Being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist of many years has its benefits. Not only with the pay scale, but the fact that you pretty much can guess how long an HVAC repair job is going to take. However, one day last week I had this central heating and air conditioning system to repair […]

The movies back in the day

Going to the movies back when was an experience like no other. Things were much different than they are today. For instance in the summer months the air conditioning in the movie theater was something really special! Air conditioning at that time was not a common thing in commercial buildings or homes. And the local […]

Costing too much lately

I have been noticing that running my central heating and air conditioning system as much as I have been this summer so far has been costing me way too much on my monthly electric bills. However, I really have no choice as the weather has been real awful with temperatures reaching into the one hundred […]

HVAC tech wades through driveway

I watched the HVAC tech wade through my yard just to service my AC unit Sometimes I am amazed at the professionalism of other people. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to jobs I do the bare minimum. I used to be an overachiever in every position until I realized that I […]

And we never saw the dust buster again

Sometimes I think it’s a massive mistake to ask for help around this house. I get extremely exhausted trying to take care of all of the chores and responsibilities on my own, but it turns out that other people can make things even more complicated. I have a difficult time keeping up with all of […]

I really want a snowmelt system

I hate getting into my car during the winter. The snow and cold make it awful. I know that I need to get up at least thirty minutes earlier in the winter. I have to shovel a path to my car and a path to get out of my driveway. I need to push all […]

I am not going to paint my own house

I am thinking about getting my house painted. I started out gung ho and said I would do all the painting. I began by painting my front door a pretty bright blue color. It looked amazing, went fast and was quite cheap. Then I tackled the window trim. The house is quite tall and sloped. […]

Kitchen remodel needs ductless HVAC

I am redoing my kitchen and everything is going to be brand new. I am making a list of what the priorities are and then working my way down. The priorities like my countertops are going to be quartz and the exact color I want. Things like the lights and the switch plate covers don’t […]

It was a mess getting heating

I have sunk quite a bit of money into having a ductless heater in my kitchen. For years I had lived with a cold kitchen. I used to have a space heater sit right on the kitchen table because it was so cold. Then I added a ventless heater that sat on the floor. It […]