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The rainy weather is making me cold every night

My house is old with thin walls, and with these summer rainstorms nearly every night my house becomes damp and cold. It has gotten to the point where at night, I completely shut off the A/C and double check the thermostat to ensure that yes it is off. Then, I use the thermostat to crank […]

Saving money by purchasing a space heater

I love my HVAC system, I have a really nice gas furnace that works wonders and heats the house easily. It is great for when it is cold out, however, recently the costs to keep it running has been heavy. While I can afford it, I’m looking for something more budget friendly. After doing a […]

I would be lost without a portable HVAC system

After owning a zone controlled HVAC for a little over a month now, I simply cannot imagine living without it. It has been great and has brought me so much comfort. I had decided last month that I wanted something other than just my regular HVAC system, which is large and expensive. I wanted a […]

Our HVAC unit caused a temperature war

When I first moved out of my parents house, I couldn’t afford to pay everything all by myself yet, so I moved in with my roommate. We have been good friends all throughout high school and we both were dying to get out of parents homes, so we got a place together. It was great […]