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Commercial window tinting for bakery

I own a small little bakery on a major street in the city. I get a lot of foot traffic because of our location & our wide assortment of breads, cakes, muffins & pies. I also spent quite a bit of time, effort & cash on the look of our venue. I have cute, striped […]

Putting me on the right track

Making a great website is everything. When a woman starts offering their ideas or owns a business, they need to make a website. While they might do just fantastic without 1, their amount of customers would really double with 1! Because of this, there are a lot of people plus dealers with a web build. […]

Not creative enough for a web build

I was never good about creative ideas. I know I’m not exactly what someone would call a creative lady, I just look at art plus wonder what’s so unique about it? I also own a Heating plus A/C business, plus while I believe I can manage my company just dandy, I had to have help […]

A good idea to do SEO

I was already thinking that this new Heating plus A/C place was going to fail if the owner doesn’t change her thoughts on it, plus I had enough nerve to tell her this I have seen a lot of dealers come plus go over the years, but most of the new dealers quit, which isn’t […]

The cooling machine is hard to deal with

I have some pretty bizarre quirks about me, I suppose, just as most people do. I especially have troubles whenever it comes to climate control settings. For as long as I can remember, I have been way too cold. I’ve always felt harshly miserable with the drafts, freezing air, in addition to goosebumps that take […]

I don’t like how my cooling equipment affects me

I have some strange quirks about me, I suppose, similar to how most people do. I really have issues whenever it comes to internal thermostat settings and indoor temperature control. For as long as I can remember, I have been overly cold. I’ve always felt miserable with the drafts, chilly air, and goosebumps that dominate […]

Cooling appliances have a devastating effect on me

I have some fairly crazy quirks about me, I suppose, like all the people do. I especially have issues whenever it comes to the internal thermostat plus indoor temperature control! For as long as I can think back, I’ve been cold. I’ve always felt unhappy with the drafts, cold air, plus goosebumps that dominate my […]