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A/C leaks in the hospital dining room

I own a commercial HVAC company that services three of the local hospitals. We picked up the contract several years ago and we work hard to maintain a good relationship with the staff and the executives. At the time when I picked up the contract, the hospital was very unhappy with the HVAC services that […]

All the air filters are on backorder right now

Work has been very stressful for the past three weeks. Everyone is worried about the coronavirus and a lot of people are getting sick. Everyone should be concerned about this deadly pathogen. I work in a laboratory and we have been very busy since the covid-19 virus started to spread. My co-workers and I are […]

I found three portable A/C units for the party

My girlfriend and I wanted to host a garden party to celebrate the birth of our first baby. We didn’t have a baby shower before our daughter was born, but we were planning to have a huge celebration and party after the birth. My girlfriend and I have a very large backyard and we were […]

I’m looking for several new employees

My family and I have been in the heating business since 1940. My great-grandfather worked in a coal mine most of his life. When he retired, he started fixing old heaters and furnaces. My grandfather helped with all of the repairs and eventually went to work in the coal mine too. My father is also […]

A hundred reasons not to spend the night

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few months now and things have been going really well. We enjoyed a lot of the same activities. We both love sports and being outdoors. We have the same taste in movies and televisions as well. My favorite movie is exactly the same as my girlfriend’s […]

Having a tune-up on the A/C unit

There are a number of reasons why it is important to tune up the AC unit in your home. Summer is filled with extreme heat and humidity. During the summer, 60% of homes experience trouble with the AC equipment. Many of these problems could be avoided by having the AC machine tuned up in the […]

It all went bad right before the warranty expired

Warranties are a funny thing, because it seems like things only go wrong when you don’t have one. I never had any trouble with my car until I was a thousand miles away from the warranty aspiring. I had engine trouble and the light kept flickering on and off everyday. I was lucky that the […]