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Dad LIkes His smart Thermostat

Even if he didn’t like it, he might say it’s the thought that counts or something cheesy that dads say I was feeling a little depressed when it was coming close to my dad’s birthday. I had no clue in the world about what to get him plus the time was running out. He kept […]

Informercials Touting Mini A/C Really Tricked Me

My fiance has been getting aggravated with me lately because I keep seeing infomercials when I can’t sleep at night. I don’t think why however these stupid infomercials are addicting. I start getting addicted to watching these amazing indoor grills or flashlights that also have a knife plus a bottle opener. I have ordered things […]

Inheriting the Drugstore from my Mom and Dad

It is seriously energy efficient, uses no air ducts, plus has heating plus cooling capability! You can even hook up a smart temperature control to your phone via app My mom and dad opened up a little drugstore when I was a little youngster. I remember how difficult running the store was at first because […]

Bring a List to the Store

Have you ever had those days when you set out for the store for something however end up buying something else entirely? That happened to me recently. The thing that makes me mad is the fact that all of us live far away from town so the store is a long drive away. I went […]

Expectations Around What Constitutes Normal HVAC

One thing that I didn’t realize as a kid growing up was that there are a lot more places in the world than our little happy town. Of course, don’t get me wrong- I knew other places existed, of course, but I didn’t really have a clear understanding that unusual places meant unusual weather factors. […]

I Don’t Want Emergency Heating Repairs

Here’s the thing- I was born plus raised in an area of the world that is hot and humid; our hometown was like the tropics. And of course, this comes with an entire slew of pros plus cons, perhaps the consequence with the most obvious real-life impact is our inability to tolerate the winter. Born […]

I’m Headed to the Great Northwest

When I finish school and am ready to move, a single of the potential places I am looking at moving to is the great northwest; I’ve always been transfixed with the “Great northwest”, plus as I’ve grown up, plus our job interests have changed, it seems to be the perfect fit for our future job, […]