A hundred reasons not to spend the night

My girlfriend and I have been dating for a few months now and things have been going really well.

We enjoyed a lot of the same activities.

We both love sports and being outdoors. We have the same taste in movies and televisions as well. My favorite movie is exactly the same as my girlfriend’s favorite movie. It’s hard to believe that we have so many things in common, and I know that is why we have such a great relationship. We have been dating for 3 months and things are starting to get serious. I made a really nice dinner for my girlfriend last Tuesday. I made chicken with pasta and vegetables, and I also made a cake for dessert. My girlfriend was too seriously impressed with my cooking skills. I invited my girlfriend to spend the night, but she came up with a hundred reasons why she had to leave. I thought she was putting me off until she finally admitted that she couldn’t sleep without an air purifier in the bedroom. During the three months that my girlfriend and I dated, I didn’t know that she had serious allergy problems. We talked about her allergies in detail, and I found out that she needed an air purifier to sleep well. We decided to spend the night at her apartment instead of mine. The next time I got paid, I went to the store and found an air purifier to put in my apartment. My girlfriend was really happy with the purchase and she agreed to spend the night next weekend.